Banz Mini Earmuffs (Geometric)


Protect your little one’s ears at any event: from car racing to lawn mowing!

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Hearing protection for little ones with Banz Mini Earmuffs

Designed to protect kids from NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss), Banz Mini Earmuffs are both stylish and effective. Available in several different designs and sizes, they give your little one a cool way to protect their ears. Whether you’re at a football game, an air show, a music concert, or even just vacuuming the house, sensitive ears will be kept safe from possible damage.

Fashionable, Comfy, and Portable!

All Banz Earmuffs can be folded up for easy storage or transport. They also have soft cushion cups that will keep your child comfortable while wearing them.

These earmuffs are available from The Rocking Horse in two different sizes: one for infants from +3 months, and the other for children age 2-10 years, each in varying designs.


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