Summer & Construction

Jul, 11, 2019

Canada, summer time and construction-well-no need to complain (no one will listen!) so-sit tight and remain calm. Traffic in Owen Sound is pretty light on a busy day-the 4 lane streets could be avoided …so….come downtown…park your car…and walk…and chat…and…have a coffee (or a cocktail) …..have lunch…or dinner…..window shop….DISCOVER the locally owned and operated businesses […]

Emily’s Picks…Why?

Apr, 18, 2019

Emily is a registered Speech- Language Pathologist and parent of three young children. Emily has strong feelings about toys. Often asked by families when she worked with young children to recommend a toy to use with their children, as the toys I used in my practice were always well loved by clients. I would argue […]

Emily’s Pick for Speech & Language!

Feb, 06, 2019

Blocks, stacking and nesting toys. When playing with these , not only can we practice taking turns but there are lots of opportunities to repeat some fun and common words like ” up, on, in, out, oh-oh, more, crash, fall down”. There are so many fun ways to enjoy toys like this together, try putting […]

Subscribers win BIG!

Jan, 21, 2019

If you have not yet signed up to our email list-believe me-you don’t want to miss it this year! It’s easy-takes 15 seconds! Just click on Subscribe and fill in the blanks (2!) We don’t jam up your inbox, and, when you see something from I can guarantee you will find it both useful […]