February or Forevuary?

February can be a tough month for kids too! Not enough sunshine, not enough (or too much) snow and cold weather. A dreary month, but, not so dreary that you can’t have loads of fun with your kids. Keep things interesting for them too. Clean out toys, games and stuffed toys that they have grown out of-gift them to your neighbours, swap them with your friends, have a moms group swap! Always keep your childrens playthings on shelves, in some kind of order (eg all Playmobil themes in individual boxes, crafts , dressup clothes etc). Children will not only play more with toys and playthings that are well organized and cared for-but-you are teaching valuable lessons about caring for our things. Play is the most important part of a childs life-next to love, food & shelter. The playthings, games and toys you provide to your children has huge influence on the adults they will become. Thats where we can help you! We are ‘toys for thinking minds…”