Emily’s Picks…Why?

Emily is a registered Speech- Language Pathologist and parent of three young children. Emily has strong feelings about toys. Often asked by families when she worked with young children to recommend a toy to use with their children, as the toys I used in my practice were always well loved by clients. I would argue that the way we play with kids is the most important factor in choosing toys. A toy that you can imagine how you can pretend and play together with is almost always a great choice. There are many toys that tout themselves as “teaching tools” that promise to do the work for parents. Simply put, children need adults who will talk with them and play with them to optimize their learning.

We , at The Rocking Horse, share these principles, and , as such-we have teamed up with Emily to get her endorsement on real toys that teach!

Real toys. Real families. Real toy store.

Locally owned and operated since 1977 by local folks.

So look for the EMILY’s Pick Red Star Sticker when you are next in the store!

So-thats why-we do Emily’s Pick!