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Emily’s Picks…Why?

Apr, 18, 2019

Emily is a registered Speech- Language Pathologist and parent of three young children. Emily has strong feelings about toys. Often asked by families when she worked with young children to recommend a toy to use with their children, as the toys I used in my practice were always well loved by clients. I would argue […]

Emily’s Picks for March Break!

Mar, 07, 2019

Dolls!Another toy which stands the test of time! Dolls are wonderful objects for pretend play as children cuddle, play and talk with the babies. Acting out familiar routines like feed, changing, burping and bathing. Pretend play begins around the same time as children begin to talk . Imitating adults helps children build the language skills […]

Emily’s Picks this Week!

Nov, 12, 2018

Musical instruments! most kids love making music, singing, being sung to and with. Music can make everyday activities like getting dressed, mealtime, etc. more fun for everyone! Instruments that children can shake, tap, chime and yes-bang on-create lots of opportunity for imitation. the can even be use to help little ones hear the “beats” in […]

Emilys’ Picks!

Oct, 15, 2018

Hi there! Choosing the right toy can be a challenge. We all want to give children a gift with some “wow’’ factor but we also want it to remain fun over time.  As a Speech Language Pathologist, my favorite toys are those that inspire creativity, support early communication and build language skills. The Rocking Horse […]

Welcome Emily Powell

Oct, 13, 2018

We are thrilled to introduce Emily Powell -to The Rocking Horse as a regular contributor to talk about toys, games and playthings that are specific to speech and language development in children. Watch here in the weeks to come for a new bi-weekly blog post called ” Emily’s Picks” Emily is using the toys, games […]