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Summer & Construction

Jul, 11, 2019

Canada, summer time and construction-well-no need to complain (no one will listen!) so-sit tight and remain calm. Traffic in Owen Sound is pretty light on a busy day-the 4 lane streets could be avoided …so….come downtown…park your car…and walk…and chat…and…have a coffee (or a cocktail) …..have lunch…or dinner…..window shop….DISCOVER the locally owned and operated businesses […]

Emily’s Picks…Why?

Apr, 18, 2019

Emily is a registered Speech- Language Pathologist and parent of three young children. Emily has strong feelings about toys. Often asked by families when she worked with young children to recommend a toy to use with their children, as the toys I used in my practice were always well loved by clients. I would argue […]

Emily’s Picks for March Break!

Mar, 07, 2019

Dolls!Another toy which stands the test of time! Dolls are wonderful objects for pretend play as children cuddle, play and talk with the babies. Acting out familiar routines like feed, changing, burping and bathing. Pretend play begins around the same time as children begin to talk . Imitating adults helps children build the language skills […]

Emily’s Pick for Speech & Language!

Feb, 06, 2019

Blocks, stacking and nesting toys. When playing with these , not only can we practice taking turns but there are lots of opportunities to repeat some fun and common words like ” up, on, in, out, oh-oh, more, crash, fall down”. There are so many fun ways to enjoy toys like this together, try putting […]

Subscribers win BIG!

Jan, 21, 2019

If you have not yet signed up to our email list-believe me-you don’t want to miss it this year! It’s easy-takes 15 seconds! Just click on Subscribe and fill in the blanks (2!) We don’t jam up your inbox, and, when you see something from I can guarantee you will find it both useful […]