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If you think our website is cool, you should check out our cool store! We hope you’ll stop by and say HI!

The Rocking Horse in Owen Sound has been wowing kids since 1977.
Parents (and maybe the kids too….) will have fun playing with our ever-changing Playmobil table, wooden Marble Run and trying out all the other neat-o toys we have on display.

We are the oldest indie toy store in Canada! We are proud to carry educational learning toys such as: games, crafts, science, building, and SOOO much more!

From the craziest zaniest new toys….to the retro and classic toys, we will help you find the perfect gift. So whether you’re after a specific toy or have no idea what it is you’re looking for – have no fear because we understand the language of “it’s a thing-a-ma-bob with a whatcha-ma-call-it that’s make a sound like swishy-swishy” that my son Bobby asked for. We’re here to bring the fun back into shopping.