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Family Day 2019

Feb, 17, 2019

Well this is family day weekend. A day designated to spend time with your family. No excuses. No schedules. No shopping. No social media. No work. Family. Just family. Do it. Spend time with your kids. Everyday-you will find it is the best time of your day-everyday. The Rocking Horse values family & friends, and, […]

Emily’s Pick for Speech & Language!

Feb, 06, 2019

Blocks, stacking and nesting toys. When playing with these , not only can we practice taking turns but there are lots of opportunities to repeat some fun and common words like ” up, on, in, out, oh-oh, more, crash, fall down”. There are so many fun ways to enjoy toys like this together, try putting […]

Subscribers win BIG!

Jan, 21, 2019

If you have not yet signed up to our email list-believe me-you don’t want to miss it this year! It’s easy-takes 15 seconds! Just click on Subscribe and fill in the blanks (2!) We don’t jam up your inbox, and, when you see something from I can guarantee you will find it both useful […]

Happy New Year!

Jan, 08, 2019

That was an amazing year for The Rocking Horse-thank you! We are really excited about 2019 and have some really fun events planned just for you and your family!’ In the toy business-we go from a zillion miles an hour in December to a steady turtle pace in January! Inventory time ! and what we […]

Happy New Year!

Dec, 28, 2018

Happy New Year! We hope you are enjoying this festive time of year.  So many people are on holidays and so many people are coming in to the store to say hi and we have been so fortunate to even get the gift of some delicious home baked treats!  Thank you! On behalf of all […]

Founding Patron Festival of Northern Lights!

Dec, 28, 2018

This was a fun document to find the other day in the office-a certificate-signed by Mrs. Marie Walpole, who brought the idea of a festival of Christmas lights to a reality back in 1989!   The Rocking Horse received this honor as a founding patron and the certificate is now actually framed and will hang in […]

Christmas and New Years Day

Dec, 18, 2018

Hi there! Store Hours for the Festive Holiday Week are: Monday Dec. 24th  OPEN 9 am – 3 pm Tuesday  Dec. 25th Christmas Day (closed) Wednesday Dec. 26th Boxing Day (closed) Thursday Dec. 27th Holiday Sale  OPEN 9 am – 5 pm Friday Dec. 28th  OPEN 9 am – 5 pm Saturday Dec. 29th  OPEN […]

Last minute Gifts?

Dec, 15, 2018

You are looking for something for the child/family that “has it all”? Come and visit us at the store and we will help solve your dilemma! Family board games hundreds to choose from!  Stop by and ask one of us for assistance! WE know our stuff and love to share ideas and see you leave […]

Emily’s Picks

Nov, 28, 2018

Game sets with lots of props like the Playmobil 123 sets are a great choice. Even young toddlers can easily manipulate the parts to make the animals walk, eat, and drink!  Kids love to use the gates to pen in some animals. These great sets can be used to highlight common words,increasing vocabulary, and to […]